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I've been asked when CKR is coming back as an interactive site. That is a tough question. I would love to have the site up and running but the realities are that hackers make this an enormous task, requiring much more time and money than this little site can bear. Google is closing its Google Groups for the same reason. "It's bittersweet to see it go, but Google+ is shutting down in April 2019. The social network has seen security breaches causing its downfall" . If Google cannot keep their sites safe, how can I as a hobbyist? CKR is totally funded and administered by me (George did send small a donation, never forgotten George!).
Hackers have ruined the internet. I took CKR Drupal site down after we were hit by the third Drupelgeddon hack only 2 hours after Drupal released the patches to prevent. 2 hours. I cannot admin the site 24/7/365, and that alone is not enough.
So, an interactive site is not going to happen until we can find a way to be interactive and safe. This site was intended to be family safe, hackers take that away. Maybe we just front end YouTube videos like I have now, but that is rather clunky as any new posts would need to be added by me, and how to even do that safely remains a question.

This is Deca, a Theo Jansen inspired walkerbot.
I designed this to use just 2 simple small gearbox motors
available at modest cost. The files to 3d print this are on
Thingiverse (

This is MobBob You can find him on Thingiverse
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