Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Attempted Contestant #3

Dear: CKR

Just letting you guys know I have finally finished the chassis for my trinity robot attempt #3. This is my third attempt to build a robot that qualified for the trinity challenge. The last attepts didn't qualify. Just letting you guys know this is not the first chassis of this design I have laser cutted. My first design the holes were to close together for the motor brackets and I didn't give enough room for the wheels. This was my first attempt at this design that actually could qualify if it had worked properly.

Of course the ping brackets are for prototype use only since they are horribly inaccurate but good for prototyping use.

For sensors this guy is going to have SHARP sensors and arduino flame sensors. It is going to put out fires by mimicking the resonance of fire and put it out with sound. For more information see me on thingiverse. Wish me good luck!!! Thanks!!!

From: Noah


Submitted by ggallant on Mon, 2016-08-01 09:48

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Nice job but why is it your "final" attempt? You need a stable and reliable platform but should maintain an open attidute to adapt as the project proceeds. For instance, after mounting all the hardware you may want to shrink the chassis to more easliy navigate the maze or your flame supressor scheme may not work as desired. In my opinion, the chassis is about 20% of the job.


Submitted by nschreiber0813 on Mon, 2016-08-01 18:40

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Dear: GG
Yeah thanks for that. Final attempt was a bit exaggerated. I am not quite sure why I said that. Thanks for your support!!! Your trinity robot was awesome!!!

From: noah