Robie SR. Conversion Bot

I have long wanted to take a robot from the 80's and do a conversion on it and bring it to life.

Robie SR. was produced by TOMY of Korea for Radio Shack. TOMY produced a couple different version of the Omnibot.

Robie SR. is one of those version of the Omnibot of the 80's.

I have been working on some software which I have been testing in a test base bot platform.

Designing this software has taken me to a new level of my understanding of Programming and A.I. and what it actually takes to make a useful bot and not just a toy.


Distance detection and navigation: Freely roams the house without ever stopping except for when an object is to close and detects motion.

Color detection and recognition: Used to Detect a ball and play ball and to detect the charging base and perform self charging.

Voice Recognition and Speech: Used to provided intellegant conversation and to Understand commands such as putting into Motion detection mode.

Compass navigation: Used to provide feed back through speech to give its location and aids in the the location of the charging base.

Facial Recognition: Used when approaching a object, looks up to determine if it is a person and if so then responds by saying hello, excuse me.

All of this is workingin a test base bot currently and I am still continuing to develop more features to help in the navigation.


The plan is to place a tablet in the chest cavity of Robie Sr. that will display and image that looks much like the original chest.

The tablet will be the brains. A new drive train will be added with larger wheels so that moving over carpet will be easy.

Currently the head does not turn, this will be upgraded for left and right and up and down.

The arms/hands move but are static as they stay where you set them, this will change and servos will be added.

I look forward to seeing your comments.



Submitted by Roxanna77 on Sat, 2017-05-06 22:37

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`I remember those in the store back then. Should be a fun platform. Did it work at all when you got it?

Lots of info on that guy here: even the Service Manuals.

Looking forward to some video on this one!


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Submitted by JeffRo on Sun, 2017-05-07 07:01

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I purchased Robie from a guy on Ebay who had put a Nintendo sticker on it and had it labeled as a super rare nintendo robot.

After doing my homework I found out that this was not true and there was never one produced for Nintendo.

I contacted the seller who oddly enough was just over in the next city from mine.

Realizing he was busted on the Nintendo sticker he re-listed the item and I purchased it.

I can not say if he works or not as I do not have the Radio Control unit and the lead acid battery is completely dead and will not hold a charge.

This should make for a very interesting project.