Object Detection/Tracking

Here is another project that I am working on.

It is called Object Detection and Tracking.

The way it works is based upon color.

So lets say we have a said object of a siad color and we want to first detect that object then we want to track it.

Video is started and displaying a live preview you then take the said object of the said color and hold it up infront of the camera.

Then click on the said object so that the color of the object is now registered in the software.

Next we click on detect and you will see a Green rectangle drawn around that object of said color.

Next we click on track object.

Based on where it is on the screen will determine the direction that the bot would travel.

Example: we place a object on the floor of a said color.

We then place the bot to where it can view that object.

No based on where the object is will determine which direction the bot should travel.

Testing so far has been done on a wheeled bot and I moved the object as the bot would get close to it to see if it could navigate.

So far testing is near perfect.

Problem if the object is moved out of the view port of the camera the bot stops and has no logic as to what to do next.

I will be adding a download link for the software soon.