EvoBot-The Evolving Robot

Ever wanted a robot that could do small tasks for you. Well Evo is my project in works. One day we will not not be able to do certain things as age creeps up on us all. My thought is to create a Bot that can one day help us with those things, Currently Evo uses a Windows 8 tablet for a brain and runs software that I have designed. Evo can detect distances to a object based upon the object height. Evo is able to understand spoken commands and talk back. Evo is able to sweep tiled or hardwood surface.

Computer: Windows 8 tablet (4gb ram 32gb Drive)

Controller: Veyron Servo Controller

Sensor: Logitech C270 webcam, Microphone

Drive Train: Tracked

Software: VB6

Power Source: 1x 3.7v 2200 Mah battery

Servos: MG995 for Arms, Micro Servos for Hands and Head

Frame: PVC Tubing

More pictures and the way Evo started coming soon.



Evo's base has been redesigned to accomodate using a netbook rather than a tablet.

Next I will be preparing the netbook with all the needed drivers and software and testing it out.

I spent most of the weekend working designing an ActiveX component that will detect the direction the bot is moving and display it.

I decided on doing an ActiveX component for a couple of reasons.

1) I can place it anywhere on the form without having to change any other values.

2) I can re-use it in other software I have designed and it can be implemented very quickly.

After several different design changes I went with the look of an oscilloscope. As the bot is moving Forward, Left, Right or Reverse the Circle in the middle is blue and follows the direction of the bot. When the bot comes to a stop the circle changes to red.

This was my first real bot that could truly do navigation, obsticle avoidance and Distance detection.

From this bot I learned a lot about controlling servos and using a standard webcam to navigate.

The majority of this bot was repurposed into my first working walking bot.


Submitted by fhareide on Wed, 2015-09-30 17:14

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Yes please, I would like one. I really need to build myself something in that direction. It is really fascinating.
Submitted by Roxanna77 on Thu, 2015-10-01 20:32

Roxanna77's picture
He looks really cool! Humanoid without being creepy :)
Submitted by Protowrxs on Fri, 2015-10-02 23:17

Protowrxs's picture
Looks great! I very interested in how your used VB to make it all work. Looking forward to more info! Stephen
Submitted by JeffRo on Sun, 2015-10-04 15:13

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The software is designed to do Distance detection based upon the height of the object. It does not use OpenCV or any other 3rd party piece of software or DLL or OCX. It first detects the color of the object then based on the color it then find the height through pixels. Once it has measured the height it then gives the distance based on some simple math with angles. After if determines the distance it then going through a logic stage that tell it to go forward or right or left. So if the bot is greater that 10" away from the object it will go forward until it hits the 10" mark. At this point it first turns right and if there is an object there it turn left, if not it will go forward after turning right. If it turn left because there is an object there it will then see if an object is to its left. If no object it present it then moves forward. If there is and object it then goes in reverse and repeats the steps until it can go forward or it stops.
Submitted by Roxanna77 on Sat, 2015-11-21 15:21

Roxanna77's picture

Great to see him rolling around! Nice work!

Submitted by nschreiber0813 on Sun, 2016-05-22 13:35

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Dear: Jeff

Nice robot!!! Looks like it has some potential for telepresence or ai. Well done!!!

From: Noah

Submitted by mtriplett on Wed, 2016-07-27 12:00

Wow wow wow.  I want one too!  Great work with all the plastic.