Big Robot Project - (BRP)


 People ask me, "What will the robot do? What is your goal when it's done?" I usually answer, "Hopefully some day it can get me a Virgils Root Beer from the fridge" But in reality, what the robot is for, has already been achieved, and it should and will never be complete. This is an engineering, programming and science exercise, it is my hobby. It will never be complete as my mind will always be working how it should or could have been built, wired, programmed, etc. It is the project that I can fully control, limited only by what I can learn and afford to do with it. It is a reason to look forward to the weekend, something alway there to do, a goal to achieve.
Am I doing or inventing something that has never been done before? No, not even close, but for me, it is all new. If I get bored doing the code for it, I can switch to working out an engineering problem, or maybe just searching down information from the internet to learn how a component works, or get ideas from others robot, electronics or programming experiences. And when I can set the robot on the floor and let it run around a bit, Big Smiles.
Initial build here has an Arduino Mega, but I have decided to go with Propellers (RoboPi) and Raspberry Pi as I like a challenge and the multicore I think will help for all I want to make this thing do, I'll integrate the Mega also.


Steering details:

When I started making the base, I had decided to use roller blade bearings for the uprights (kingpins?) to rotate in as I have lots of them from upgrading my skates. I didn't want to have a lot of friction as this is a heavy robot, and the servos need to be able to turn the wheels when it is not in motion.  I looked high and low on the Internets for some way to mount them, no luck, and it was too cold to make any out of aluminum on the vertical mill in my garage... Then it came to me, a wheel will hold the bearings, so I have them bolted down as bearing "hub's". At some point I may make some machined aluminum ones..
















 * Body diameter     46cm (18.1")

 * Height                  92cm (36") - will grow after adding shoulders and arm(s) 
 * Motors                  four 37D 12v 67/1 gearmotors with encoders
 * Wheels/tires        120mm x 60mm
 * Four Wheel Steering
      * 2 HD-1235MG High Voltage servos
      * Steer and Full Spin
Power systems
      * 7.2v 5000mah ~ 7.2v~ and regulated 5v,6v - Accessories, servos and appendage motors 
      * 10.8v 5000mah ~ regulated 9v, 5v - Microprocessors and sensors
      * 10.8v 5000mah - Drive motors, appendage motors 


  RoboPi (Propeller) with Raspberry Pi

     * Sensor head, Object tracking, sound tracking, cameras, microphones, facial recognition, speech, data transmission, Mapping, Navigation 

    Arduino MegaR3 
      * Motion control, level1 obstacle avoidance, system health monitoring 

  nexus7 with bluetooth keyboard 

      *System onboard programming

Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver 

 * Pixy- cmucam5 
      * Mapping/Navigation/Object Tracking - Sensor Head 
 * SR04 UL sensors 
      * Obstacle Avoidance - body mid level, back 
      * Mapping/Navigation - Sensor Head (2)
 * Sharp IR sensors 
      * Obstacle Avoidance - body mid level 
      * Mapping/Navigation- Sensor Head (2) 
  * Robot hand sensors (**)
  * VGA OV7670 Camera Module(**)
  * Sound Sensors (**)
  * Accelerometer (**)
  * Compass (**)
  * PIR Sensors(**)

      * 128x64 KS-0108 panel


*Autonoumos-RoxIndoorPositioningSystem (RIPS), which will use all methods, IR beacons, floor markings(QR codes), IR and UL distance sensors (maybe laser?), wheel encoders, compass, and eventually Pixy CMU5 -CV and a pre loaded map all used together to determine robots position and pathing. Between all inputs, some logic can decide what IR beacons received are bounces, etc..
 (**) = not yet installed 

Early first run
Arm test
two finger hand test


Submitted by fhareide on Sat, 2015-11-07 07:46

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This project is just amazing! Really looking forward to the final product.. Are you going to use the Lemaker Guitar in this one?
Submitted by Roxanna77 on Sat, 2015-11-07 07:50

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That or an entire quad core laptop....
Submitted by Smashley on Thu, 2015-11-12 11:14

I was hoping you would post this Roxanna, as I hope to one day make something this big, though I'm a long way off from even starting something so ambitious. You're very inspiring.

Submitted by viswesh on Tue, 2016-01-05 12:20

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construction is really neat mam.