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P8XBlade2 - Tiny P8X32A Propeller Development Board

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P8XBlade2 - Tiny P8X32A Propeller Development Board

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Just in time for Christmas!

P8XBlade2 - Tiny P8X32A Propeller Development Board 

•PCB 0.78"x1.28" (19.8x32.5mm) 1.0mm thick Blue ENIG (gold finish)
•P8X32A Parallax Propeller Microprocessor
•12MHz crystal (96MHz clock frequency)
•EEPROM 64KB with WE link (preprogrammed)
•microSD socket (preprogrammed microSD card optional extra) on pins P12..P15
•All 32 I/O pins, Reset, 5Vin, 3V3 out and Gnd brought out to 0.1" pitch pads
•Onboard 3V3 voltage regulator
•Onboard (linkable) transistor reset circuit
•Onboard series resistors (linkable 0/68R/136R) and 3V6 zener diode protection on both P30 & P31 lines
•Requires 5VDC Regulated power
•Optional (free) PropOS (propeller operating system)

The EEPROM is pre-programmed with code to boot from the microSD card (user supplied) which will normally contain some form of operating system such as my free PropOS.
It also works with a cheap USB-TTL CP2102 using the linkable transistor reset circuit as an alternative to the PropPlug. +5V power can be provided by the USB-TTL board.

The P8XBlade2 can be used as the basis of any Propeller Development System.

Together with a microSD card formatted with FAT32 and loaded with my free PropOS (Propeller Operating System with similar commands to the old PC DOS and CPM), the Prop will boot into PropOS, or run a user program, without the need for an expensive PropPlug.