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Promoting raising/awareness to this new initiative I came across last week in the US for now.  so am not to sure where to put this without sounding like SPAM!

  there something about the aims/goals of Assemble,  attempting to bring all the parts together for some of the funkest projects in the3DP maker community which aint alltogether that simple "I just make it sound simple" cool.  What it really needs is our/your support and a willingness to create new machines! to share "take over the" world and actively get envolved the two guys behind  Assemble very much intending for Assemble to be community lead. they need to hear your opions on developments so get involved.

WHY: personallyI think this is a natural blend for us we share our fun anyway but we can use Assemble as a fun micro kickstater!! A place where creators and builder can share the fun of building,while giving the builder/inexperienced some assurances they get the correct  parts and makers can take advantage of the small financial rewards for there next projects. 
unlike other kickstarters and likes backers aint asked for cash till the project goals are reached basically runs of small batches like 10 or so. but its the idea by makers for makers to support each other, and I like that. but its new and young like CKR and RR, Assemble needs shaping!. and while they are primarily US based I wish them luck.
check it out :