Tabletbot, assembly

This robot is part of a project, to build a video processing on windows using Veyron servo controller via bluetooth.

The camera is attached to the tablet via USB and nylon holder with 2 servos to aim on top of it (no picture for this yet)

Here is how to assemble it. It's all 3D printed and eventually after few tests files will be available for download.


The servos and the bottom (green) rolling wheel needs to be attached first. Since the rest of the holder will block the screwdriver.


The back side will hold the servos for the camera later on, its easy to attach from the bottom part of the robot with 2 screws, 1 on each colum.

The pad holder has several version, this was the first attemt and a bit of a waste of time and material, the second version is a lot more versatile, since it does not have the side holders, so you can sit any size of tablet on it. However it requires a bit of modding to hold your specific size of tablet

Sit or slide the tablet on it.

The camera goes here, unfortunatelly when i took the pictures i had to repurpose it for a bit on something else, so it is not shown. You cans ee the screw holes on the frame and a link to the nylon servo set is here:


Wiring and software will be part of the next phase




Submitted by JeffRo on Fri, 2015-10-09 06:13

JeffRo's picture
Great little bot, cant wait to see it roll around.
Submitted by Roxanna77 on Fri, 2015-10-09 10:49

Roxanna77's picture
Very cool bot and use of a tablet! Welcome to CKR!!!
Submitted by cevinius on Sun, 2015-10-11 04:14

cevinius's picture
I'm planning to make a wheeled body for MobBob so this is very interesting to see.
Submitted by ojo on Mon, 2015-10-12 02:10

let me know if you want an early file share
Submitted by ojo on Mon, 2015-10-12 02:08

Thanks all! This is encouraging.
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