Yes, it somewhat looks a spider with 6 legs (:P) and I believe it scares the real spiders and even bugs LOL.

design drawing, yes it’s not perfect and please excuse for this.  spider idea

spider pic cons1

A small hexapod with copper legs and HS-311 actuators/servo’s, I have used 3mm thick copper wire for legs, I had no better option at the time of making So I did built with the things I have and a sheild wire, copper wire and paper tape to attach the 3 servo’s

spider pic cons2

With bending tools I was able to mould legs like and fix them to the motors.spider cons4

spider pic cons3

Yes It may not look good.


  1. power Source: 3.7V,2600mAh
  2. CPU: ATmega48 clocked 1.536MHz
  3. Actuators/servos: HS311
  4. Sensors: yet to be added
  5. Programming: AVR C
  6. Environments: indoor
and many thanks to the Sir protowrxs.


Submitted by JeffRo on Tue, 2018-01-16 07:14

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Hey Vis,

Very creative idea with just three servos. Can't wait to see it walk.

Submitted by viswesh on Wed, 2018-01-17 10:26

viswesh's picture

not at all creative sir.

Submitted by ggallant on Tue, 2018-01-16 13:00

ggallant's picture

Same here.

Submitted by Roxanna77 on Tue, 2018-01-16 23:17

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But this one is cool. Very creative design Vis and nice write up!
Thanks for sharing it here!


"Propeller Girl"
I tinker, therefore I am.....

Submitted by viswesh on Wed, 2018-01-17 10:28

viswesh's picture

LOL mam, thanks

Submitted by Roxanna77 on Wed, 2018-01-17 23:44

Roxanna77's picture

Walks great! Nice job!

"Propeller Girl"
I tinker, therefore I am.....

Submitted by Mr_Booo on Wed, 2018-01-24 04:06

This is cool.  May I "borrow" your idea for a monthly projet at our makerspace?

Submitted by viswesh on Wed, 2018-01-24 09:36

viswesh's picture

no problem at all. you can use it. and thanks

Happy robot building

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