i3 Prusa converted to laser cutter/engraver

I have been wanting to make a laser cutter for a bit and last winter I got a 5 watt laser head and finally decided to use it. My poor neglected prusa gets to be the victim. I swapped out the hotend/extruder for the laser head and  also changed out the controller to a half burnt (Hotbed) Ramps board. Modified the Marlin to not having hotend and hotbed. Still need to get the TTL working fully working.

First test was some Manila card stock

This is on 1/8" Birch plywood, this did not cut thru


Laser i3


Submitted by Protowrxs on Sun, 2017-11-12 20:43

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That is very cool. Heard about people doing this but never have seen results.

Looks like lots of capability for sure.

Thanks for sharing!


Submitted by Mr_Booo on Fri, 2017-11-17 13:08

Very jelous.  I like.  I also want to build a laser cutter but have a problem sourcing a laser.