Draw a Path for your Bot

I came up with the idea to draw a path for the bot to follow.

Process is as follows:

1) Using the mouse we draw a path on the screen.

2) As the path is drawn the X and Y coordinates are saved into a MDB database.

3) You can then play back the path you have just drawn and have the bot to follow that path.

The process of drawing the path and saving the coordinates and being able to play them back is finished and working.

What needs to be done yet:

1) Implement the servo control board so it will then follow the coordinates.

2) Ability to save multiple different paths.

3) Ability to scale the path to fit the area size you are working in.

4) Account for obsticles so the bot will avoid those but still follow the path.

5) Have the bot as it follows the path to update the drawn path based upon obsticles.



Submitted by jinx on Sat, 2017-06-24 03:30

I like this idea,  coupled with machine vison " overlord on the ceiling " for a little monitoring.