FireFly - headbot

My first attempt at a "headbot", he has PIR sensors for eyes and will follow motions around him. Very beta at this point. Have decided he will be a Deskside Annoyance Robot, and am using some speech to text routines for the Propeller.

7 watt Vellman amplifier and a speaker on a plate that mounts within the PVC pipe connector body

Propeller Quickstart, LDO Voltage Regulator board and the 2 PIR sensors.


Learning to talk


Submitted by Protowrxs on Mon, 2015-11-09 21:52

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Very cool and sounds like a fun experiment for sure. I never did activate the PIR in DRHead. Having the robot feed some info like that back to the main PC program would be quite interesting I would think. He could have different moods based on motion / no motion.

Sure you know this but I learned the hard way... you can't move and read the PIRs as they see any motion including the robot itself. Took me a while to catch onto that but I'm a little slow sometimes.

See you have him/her/it moving already. Looks great.


Submitted by Roxanna77 on Mon, 2015-11-09 22:50

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Your Headbots were the inspiration. He has a long way to go, I'd like to add some "eyelids" and/or eyelashes to him and some RGB LED's to give him some mood eyecolor. Yes, I once had PIR on my first bot and saw that it was reading all movement. I've been wanting to try something like this for a while. I'll be having the code get the high signal and then  ignore all signals until the head is stopped. I have some of that in him already, if one eye sees something it ignores other eyes pin state until servo is stopped. Needs a lot of work. I also plan on an IR sensor in the nose to detect closest object, and help it track it between the IR signals and its value. Maybe some sound sensors too... I just love this stuff!