RoboFest Michigan Championship 2017

RoboFest Championships - Michigan
Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the RoboFest Competition at  Lawrence Technological University (Back in the day, we called it LIT, Lawrence Institute of Technology, but now they have university status). I've been to the RoboFest World Championships there before, this year that is in Florida, so I went to the state level competition there. It's always a fun event, the kids I think are mostly under 13 years olds and are very smart. The competition this year involved clearing an area with a Lego Mindstorms based robot. I enjoy watching that, but I get the most pleasure from seeing the exhibition robots where kids think out of the box to solve a problem or create something entirely new. I spend most of my time there chatting with the kids and learning about their designs. All the projects were great, this year 1 really stood out to me (probably because it involved cookies and 3D printing), a robotic cookie decorator. It was very well designed and did an amazingly good job.  



Here is a slide show of the pictures I took at the event.


If you live in the St. Pete Beach, Florida area, go check out the Robofest World championships there