Line Follower Software

Please dont let the title to this fool you. This is not a line following robot that follows the black lines on the ground.

For some time I have wondered if it would be possible to draw a line or lines on the screen and then have a bot follow those lines.

As with most of my software this works with the Veyron servo controller.

Here is how the software functions:

1) Upon opening the software you are presented with a blank screen.

2) The next step is to add some objects to the room, this is done to try and simulate the rooms conditions.

You can add up to 10 objects and they can be moved around anywhere within the black area of the screen.

The objects can also be sized and given a name.

3) The next step is drawing the path on the screen that you want the robot to follow.

4) Now you just select the comm port that the Veyron is connected to and how many time you would like it to repeat and press play.

The Bot is represented by the round red circle.


Submitted by Protowrxs on Tue, 2015-12-08 23:02

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That's really cool JeffRo.

So your code then takes the line and converts it into timed movements or encoder x/y information?

Would love to see the output compared to the plan.


Submitted by JeffRo on Wed, 2015-12-09 15:35

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Thanks Proto, you are exactly correct in what it does. I am working on some various scaling factors so that it can be adjusted to room size. I am also looking into scaling it so the bot could draw on paper. Once I have the scaling set in place I will be happy to do a video. Thank you.

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