been building this corexy printer last couple of months, just  at the stage of  dailing it in " its getting there". its really quite simple to build  cannibalised  an prusa I2 for parts and spent another £60 for the beams and nuts and bolts. printable area is 200*200*100 mm which is comparable to the prusa i2, could get a little more   but I have the ramps  and PSU in the base.

the way T2c desigined this printer it practically levels itself!.

mounted a titan extruder with a V6 hotend and made a couple of changes  to us M8 smooth rods on the gantry

the files are on thingiverse  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1752766 you can find my mods at http://www.thingiverse.com/jinx/designs  tech2C provided a cracking 13 part build log to follow  well worth watcing twice if you considering building.  I got more of a write with  pics at http://www.robotrebels.org/index.php?topic=617.0http://www.robotrebels.org/index.php?topic=617.0 " while i work out how to  do a proper posting here.

                                                                                          happy printing jinx


first test lost a nut! but overall not a complete  waste there some Z artifacts "suspect mostly down to loose bed at this point".

first up is the owl. sliced with cura  20mm/s printing 150mm/s none print "got whiplash watchin", Layer hieght .24, infill 10%.

the owl

next test  multi object print the trekkie in me went for voyager,

 speed print  40mm/s 80 non printing, infill 5%,layer hieght .24, shell thinkness  .8  .

learnt a rule here  when printing multiple objects, always check that each object is on the same plane of Z,

the moment I suspected the loose bed  had Z lower turned off and the Z defects appear more  as the nozzle just caught  certain parts in the prints , see the bed wobble, yet moving up the print it eases becomes smoother  where the bed  more stable, but still to loose  that acceleration and jerk has it play!.

                                                        thats all happy printing. 





Submitted by nschreiber0813 on Sun, 2016-11-13 09:11

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Dear: Jinx

Nice build!!! It deffinitely looks like it can work unlike my 3d printer. My 3d printer looks like any minute it is just going to fall apart and no way it could work. Anyways I am just happy it works. Good luck!!! What will you print next?

From: Noah

Submitted by Roxanna77 on Sun, 2016-11-13 11:46

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I like this, less bed movement than the Prusa's! Very nice build, looks really solid. Thanks for sharing here.

Maybe this is what I should do with my old ignored Prusa......

Submitted by jinx on Sun, 2016-11-13 19:46

 worth the upgrade from an i2 build volume is similar but the gains in speed justifies the £60 expense " cost a little more to follow  the orignal, the mendel has most of the parts " evolution ".  there's a few folks  with a mendels collecting dust., I love the hell out mine it serves me well but the hypercube proving to be a good introduction to a corexy machine.

Submitted by Roxanna77 on Sun, 2016-11-13 20:47

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those are some great prints jinx! Looking like you found me a nice winter project!

"Propeller Girl"
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