An app to give Sphero a personality!

This post is about an Android App that I wrote for Sphero that tries to give Sphero a personality. :)

Sphero is a very cool app-controlled robot ball. There are a bunch of available apps available for Sphero, including some programming related ones. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I fell in love with Sphero! With a lot of robot toys... I got bored playing with them for 15min... but I've had Sphero for a few months now, and I still love playing with and it. I loved it enough to want to make my own apps for Sphero! :D

The makers of Sphero are the ones behind the prop BB-8 used in the new Star Wars movies, and the currently hot-toy Sphero BB-8.

The goal of my app was to give Sphero a personality and turn Sphero into a pocket-sized robot buddy that you can talk to and interact with. With the Sphero Companion app, you can talk to Sphero, and Sphero will talk back to you! (Sphero talks through the phone!)

Here are some videos of what you can do with my app!

Current version:

First version:

I wrote my own speech parsing system for the interactions. The speech parsing in this app is currently more advanced than what I used in MobBob, and I'll be porting this code back to MobBob soon.

Because the list of supported commands and options is growing… I have documented all the currently supported commands here:

It can be downloaded from Google Play here:

The app is completely free. There are no ads, IAP or anything. This is something I made for fun that I wanted to share with other Sphero fans. :)

The app needs internet access for voice recognition and you need to have Google Text-To-Speech on your phone/tablet in order for Sphero to talk back to you. If you encounter problems, please double check you are online and also check that other voice apps such as Google Now’s voice search are working.

I have tested this on the Nexus 6, Nexus 5 and a Samsung S6. Hopefully, it’ll work fine on other devices too.

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